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show info and video jan 20th 2010

Posted by thekliciousshow on January 20, 2011 at 10:51 AM Comments comments (0)

weird stuff.... photos and links where you can purchase some of these strange things...

buy the ear guards here...

buy desk fan here

buy your weiner gum here

buy your dung frame here*F%3F&GUID=9642bec812d0a0aad2d48204ffa64195&itemid=270688694414&ff4=263602_304662


buy yours here.....

that is my kind of romance! handcuffs and chocolate. the only thing missing is the vodka..

buy yours here

and last but not least......

and you can buy those here......

What a fun show!!!! We also announced the winner of series 1 music trivia!!!

congrats to LOST xoxo He will recieve a prize for his win. Some K merch.. woot

okay.. here is the video of Vicky Lawerence. from mamas family..

I explained this on my show... if you werent there you will probably get offended..... otherwise you know not to take this kind of thing serious.. here is the video

Thursday Jan. 13th Show goodies and updates!

Posted by thekliciousshow on January 13, 2011 at 9:42 AM Comments comments (0)

NEW photos!!! Click on Klicious photos to the left! NEW ones added... some have seen these! But more to come that have not been published yet!

stay tuned!

Last nights show was a blast! Thank you to all of you. Esp. the ones whocome every week! YOU guys are the reason I am still doing this! xoxo

Since we were unable to show photos of the odd things I found, I am posting them here!

so check it out.....

unicorn gum....

A truly magical, taste sensation. 8 pieces of delicious, fruit flavored gum per tiny box.Each box contains a special unicorn message printed on the inside of the box.

Bad Dog salt n pepper shaker, with magnets to let you pose them as you want...

Chocolate mouse... not edible" />

chalk board coffee mug. They have other ones too! here is the one that was featured on the show......

Like onion Rings??? This outta hold ya over till you can get your hands on some... yummmyyy... (bleh)

Here is that toilet cleaner robot.. AVA... She cleans toilets. She was a "guest" on the show last night. She sure was flush. ah ah ha ha.. ahem...

I will announce the winner of music trivia 1 next Wednesday.

And we will be video interviewing the amazing Christine Alexander!!!! 8 pm you can hear us here , on ustream or draino radio.

I am honored to have Christine on the show. She is amazing! You can like her here. She is the improv queen, and will leave you in pain from laughter. Trust meh!

(We tried having this interview mid Dec. but skype just so happen to not be working that day! ) She has been patient, and so so kind about rescheduling. She's a busy girl . Thank you Christine!

like her FB page!/improvchristinealexander

Thank you for reading. LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys xoxo